Tips/help for the low income household

Hello I am Chai Fields, I am here to offer advice and tips for the struggling low/middle income households. Feel free to give feedback on what u find helpful or not. My tip for today is about budgeting your house and family accordingly so that u are not spending out of your means, but still getting items you may need! Lets talk about groceries. If u dont receive assistance or funding for food this can be a hard and tricky one. First many stores now offer meat bundles, if you are doing monthly grocery shopping, I would invest in one of these. They have different varieties that include breakfast meats also. If u are shopping daily weekly their are always clearanced meats with big red or orange pricing at most grocery stores, the meat is just like a day older not spoiled! When our family goes shopping we use adds and coupons! Please use, it will help to see where the sales and deals are. Just getting started, this is going to be soon helpful and exciting for you and me! I have soo much info to share. Hope u enjoyed my tips for today.